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The classic “Basic” template with a modest grey/white/black color scheme, fully responsive.

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This is an updated version of the old Limesurvey template “Basic”. It uses a basic design without any bright colors. It’s one of the most popular templates and the best choice if you are looking for a very simple template.
  • Fully responsive
  • Question elements are left aligned
  • Logo placeholder and template options (since Limesurvey v3.x) to easily add your logo on the left, centered or at the right
  • Tested with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Option to add your own footer/copyright text
  • Feature for uploading your own favicon
  • Option to add a custom logo at the survey list page
  • Support for bootstrap button layout and bootstrap tooltips

Product Features

Limesurvey version

v3.x, v4.x, v5.x, v6.x, v2.50 to v2.73.1


black, grey, white

Recent updates

2023-11-30 (Tested Limesurvey version: 6.3.4):

  • First release for Limesurvey 6.x -> Please pick 6.x top right at the “Limesurvey version” dropdown

2023-06-19 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • New feature: Access keys for “Load unfinished survey” and “Resume later” options
  • Fix: Removed redundant ajax and animation files
  • New theme options:
    • Question text alignment (left/centered/right)
    • Show survey title (Yes/No)
    • Show help texts (Yes/No)
    • Show mandatory asterisk (Yes/No)
    • Body background color
    • Font color
    • Question background color
    • Other box width

2023-04-18 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • New feature: Custom theme files and optimization for public statistics
  • Fix: Visibility of privacy checkbox

2023-02-23 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • New feature: Responsive width of other specify text box
  • Fix: Font size optimization
  • Fix: Language changer text adjustments
  • Fix: Removed outdated Ajax files
  • Fix: Disabled misleading update warnings

2022-08-17 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • Fix: Remove obsolete lime-progress.css

2022-05-20 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • Fix: Show progress bar at question pages only

2022-03-08 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • New feature: Differentiate uploaded logos for theme/survey level
  • New feature: Increase other specify box width
  • Fix: Move checkbox before label text at data privacy message
  • New feature: CSS for marking touched sliders
  • New feature: Visual separator for dual scale questions

2021-05-19 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.28):

  • New feature: Increase main container screen width to 1200px

2021-02-12 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.26):

  • Fix: Optimization for slider display on iPad and other smaller devices

2020-12-30 (Tested Limesurvey version: 3.25):

  • New feature: Custom error page

2020-11-05 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.25):

  • Fix: Display issues at theme options (inheritance)
  • Fix: Exit and clear label
  • Fix: Added favicon check to prevent navigation problems with iOS
  • Fix: File upload path issues

2020-09-05 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.23):

  • Fix: Data privacy message not shown at welcome page.
  • New feature: Improved array filter support (hide follow up question if no items at previous question were answered)
  • New feature: Special CSS for equation questions, they have no answer container

2019-05-07 (Tested Limesurvey version Version 3.17.3):

  • New feature: Highlight text fields on focus.
  • New feature: Support for Bootstrap tooltips at Limesurvey
  • Added new CSS for bootstrap button layout design
  • Fixed broken theme options screen because of missing closing DIV.
  • Removed Ajax mode option.
  • Added default favicon.
  • New theme option for popups
  • Removed default setting for bold question texts so you can now highlight words using the editor.
  • Optimizations for multiple options with comments Limesurvey questions (items are now left aligned).
  • Added CSS for styling question index.
  • New styles for array hover at smaller devices
  • Improved boilerplate display.

2019-03-18 (Tested Limesurvey version Version 3.16.0):

  • Optimized survey list overview.
  • Improved footer.
  • Added new feature for defining your own footer/copyright text.
  • New feature for using your own favicon
  • New feature for using your own logo at survey list page
  • Improved “Print answers” screen.

2019-02-20 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.9+190214):

  • Added “Show popups” theme option.
  • Added container for on-page popup messages.

2019-02-15 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.9+190214):

  • Adjusted config.xml for properly supporting logo settings.

2019-02-12 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.8+190130):

  • Fixed broken config.xml file.

2019-02-08 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.8+190130):

  • Removed background color from printable survey.
  • Added JavaScript language changer.
  • Removed progress bar where not needed (registration page, print answers view, …).

2019-01-08 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.5+181115):

  • Optimized background colors when displaying array questions on mobile devices.

2019-01-04 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.5+181115):

  • Improved slider display on smaller screens.

2018-12-14 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.5+181115):

  • First release for Limesurvey 3.x

2017-06-14 (Tested Limesurvey version 2.65.2+170606):

  • Fixed typo at template.css causing CSS validation errors.

2017-05-10 (Tested Limesurvey version 2.64.7+170404):

  • Added new Limesurvey logo as favicon.
  • Moved “Your Logo” placeholder to template’s “files” folder, adjusted paths.

2016-12-07 (Tested Limesurvey version: 2.57+161202):

  • Template rewritten to support Limesurvey v2.5x
  • Template now fully responsive using Limesurvey v2.5x

Previous improvements


  • CSS adjustments for Limesurvey 2.06
  • Styles for text questions harmonized
  • Improved slider styles


  • Improved “Array Dual Scale” question design