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LimeSurvey Consulting is a full service LimeSurvey agency. We provide professional LimeSurvey support since 2010 and have successfully dealt with > 1000 LimeSurvey projects. If you need help with LimeSurvey, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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LimeSurvey Consulting is an authorized and the most experienced LimeSurvey partner. We are in close contact with the LimeSurvey development team. Since 2012 we help improving the core LimeSurvey software by reporting bugs and contributing new features.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to contact a LimeSurvey expert any time? We are there for you … and for dozens of other LimeSurvey users and companies making use of our consulting services.
Whether you only want to know if a certain type of survey can be implemented at LimeSurvey or you need a new feature to be developed – we can help.
Best send an email to and outline your requirements or suggest 2-3 dates for an online meeting.

LimeSurvey support

Do you need help with your LimeSurvey project? Are you fed up with searching the LimeSurvey forums for solutions? Then we can help! We are providing LimeSurvey support for more than 15 years. So there is literally no problem we have not seen before.
Our professional LimeSurvey support is available by email, phone, Skype or any other tools you may be using. We usually just note hours for our consulting services and then send an invoice at the end of the quarter or project. No pre-payments are needed.

LimeSurvey hosting

We offer professional LimeSurvey hosting services since 2012. Our servers are located at a high security data center within the EU (GDPR compliant). So if you don’t want to deal with setting up LimeSurvey yourself but want to use your own LimeSurvey system on a fast and reliable server, then we can set everything up for you according to your needs.
More than 100 companies are already using our LimeSurvey hosting. One advantage is that you can easily upload plugins to our systems. Other LimeSurvey hosting services do not allow that.


With limited IT skills installing or updating LimeSurvey could be tricky. Besides installing LimeSurvey on your servers we can also take care of configuring and securing the tool.
Updating older LimeSurvey systems to the latest version should also be done with care. Otherwise e.g. the database update may fail and that ruins your installation. So better let the experts do the job.
If you have limited resources for keeping your LimeSurvey system up to date, we can also set up a maintenance contract for regular updates of your system.


Since LimeSurvey is Open Source, one can easily customize the software different ways:
LimeSurvey plugins are the best approach for adding new features to LimeSurvey.
Using the LimeSurvey API we can connect LimeSurvey to other applications or send response details to external analysis tools.
If there is a special question layout needed which the software doesn’t support by default, we can code custom question themes. These can have a special layout or come with additional features like input validation or the like.

LimeSurvey Themes

Designing a custom LimeSurvey theme allows showing your surveys with your own corporate design and logos. This looks more professional and leads to a better response rate at your surveys. We have developed > 250 such custom LimeSurvey themes and can design your LimeSurvey theme as well.
Alternatively, you can download professional LimeSurvey themes at our shop. These themes are easy to customize. You can upload your own logo and add a custom footer even at survey level. Some themes also support background images and banners.

LimeSurvey training

While LimeSurvey is a powerful tool with many features, it may be difficult to work your way into it. We do not only offer LimeSurvey trainings for beginners but also teach advanced users how to use more complex features. Trainings vary from 4h beginners courses for up to 15 people to one hour trainings for individuals or small groups.
Our LimeSurvey trainings are usually done via Skype, Teamviewer, Webex, Zoom or similar tools. Training on location can be offered on request.

Survey creation

Stuck with implementing your survey at LimeSurvey? Unsure, what is the best question type for your survey? Or do you need an expert to review your current survey design? We have been working with LimeSurvey for years and know all features and question types very well. So instead of spending hours searching the Limesurvey manual and forums, creating/adjusting/deleting questions, just contact us. You can also send us your survey draft for a cost estimation any time.