Limesurvey Template Gallery

In the recent years we have created dozens of professional Limesurvey templates for different customers. Here we want to present some examples.

If there is a certain template which you like a lot, drop us a note and we can provide you with a cost estimation for adjusting that template to your corporate design.
Some of these Limesurvey templates are also available at the Limesurvey Template Shop.

Limesurvey Template “Janus Mobile”

Limesurvey Template“Janus Mobile” is a special, smartphone optimized template. It scales very well not only on small devices such as smartphones but also on larger devices like iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tablets.
You can download this template at the Limesurvey Template Shop.

Since filling out a survey on a small screen can be quite a pain, we focused on using large buttons and making all elements easy to click. Question and answer texts use a little larger font size so that even longer texts are comfortable to read.
You can have a look at additional screen shots here.

For this customer we also created a common web template and coded a browser switch which dynamically assign the appropriate template during survey run-time depending on the detected user device.


Limesurvey Template “Janus”

Being optimized for common PC or laptop monitors, this templates scales well on larger devices. It can be downloaded from at the Limesurvey Template shop and further screenshots are available at our template gallery.

For smaller devices such as smartphones or mini tablets, we created a mobile version of that template which is dynamically loaded via a Limesurvey browser switch which was developed for this customer.


Limesurvey Template “Pijncentrum”

A hospital in The Netherlands was asking for a special template that should be optimized for a certain survey layout. On the left the survey questions should be shown while on the right side the data of the currently surveyed patient should be shown. We achieved this by making use of placeholders to dynamically load the patient data into predefined boxes on the right.

This customer supplied us with quite detailed requirements like a larger and differently placed progress bar, different button placement and a detailed color scheme.

Gallery Limesurvey Template “Pijncentrum”


Limesurvey Templates for Franklyview project

Limesurvey Template Franklyview MobileOne of the larger projects we have been working on in 2012/2013 was using Limesurvey to ask for guests feedback at hotels. The goal was to ask disgruntled guests for their comments while offering the satisfied ones different options for sharing their hotel review on Facebook, Twitter or pages like Tripadvisor (for more information check the Franklyview website).

Since such customer satisfaction surveys are more and more used on mobile devices, we created a mobile optimized Limesurvey template as well as a default web template. You can compare the different designs here.

For both templates we coded some additional JavaScript to connect the different sharing options to Facebook, Twitter and other interfaces.
Furthermore, question designs were adjusted to make use of larger icons when using a mobile device.


Limesurvey Template “ICEERS”

For “ICCERS Research” we created a template which uses different images at the welcome and thank-you pages of Limesurvey. To make it look a little more modern, a fancy font type was embedded throughout the whole template.

Another focus was to add further features directly into the template. Therefore, we adjusted the footer to hold links to several social media websites and Paypal.

The basic design follows the corporate design of ICEERS Research and shows how certain website elements can be integrated into a customized Limesurvey template.

Gallery Limesurvey Template “ICEERS”


Limesurvey Templates for HealthforceWorkforce Australia

This customer was asking for two rather similar templates which should make use of the corporate design of their website. One template should be used internally and a second template was designed for external use.

The later one contained additional links to Youtube, Twitter and Facebook at the footer as well as links to further company websites about contact information, copyright and the company’s privacy statement.

At this Limesurvey template gallery both templates are presented. The external template is using a blue color scheme while the internal one is a little darker.


Limesurvey Template “Rural Nursing”

For this template we used one of our well-tested master templates and adjusted the color scheme according to the customer’s wishes. We added a nice header section and additionally coded some JavaScript to show “previous/next” button on top of the question screen, too.

Check the template gallery for more demo images.

Limesurvey Template "Rural Nursing"