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“Janus” is a fully responsive LimeSurvey template with a modern look and feel.

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The modern layout of our “Janus” template is very well structured and makes use of a larger progress bar. Your own logo can not only be placed on the left or right side but can also be centered above the survey.
The trendy color scheme of this template focuses on blue, green and grey colors. The old-fashioned Limesurvey buttons were improved to look nicer and additionally we created some nice icons for this template.
Like all other templates we offer, this template can easily be adjusted by adding your own styles at the main CSS file.

  • Question elements are left aligned, buttons are centered
  • Special font type and icons
  • Beautiful, optimized buttons
  • Logo placeholder to easily add your (clients) logo. Logo can be placed left, centered, right or use the complete header width
  • Tested with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • Option to add your own footer/copyright text
  • Feature for uploading your own favicon
  • Option to add a custom logo at the survey list page
  • Support for bootstrap button layout and bootstrap tooltips

Product Features


blue, green, grey, white

Limesurvey version

v3.x, v4.x, v5.x, v2.50 to v2.73.1, v2.05/2.06/2.6 LTS

Recent updates:

2020-09-05 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.23):

  • Fix: Data privacy message not shown at welcome page.
  • New feature: Improved array filter support (hide follow up question if no items at previous question were answered)

2019-05-09 (Tested Limesurvey version Version 3.17.3):

  • New feature: Highlight text fields on focus.
  • New feature: Support for Bootstrap tooltips at Limesurvey
  • Added new CSS for bootstrap button layout design
  • Fixed broken theme options screen because of missing closing DIV.
  • Removed Ajax mode option.
  • New theme option for popups
  • Improved index design.
  • Optimizations for multiple options with comments Limesurvey questions (items are now left aligned).
  • New styles for array hover at smaller devices
  • Improved boilerplate display

2019-03-19 (Tested Limesurvey version Version 3.16.0):

  • Optimized survey list overview.
  • Improved footer.
  • Added new feature for defining your own footer/copyright text.
  • New feature for using your own favicon
  • New feature for using your own logo at survey list page
  • Switched to JavaScript based language changer.
  • Improved “Print answers” screen.
  • Fixed potential empty elements at config.xml.

2019-01-03 (Tested Limesurvey version 3.15.5+181115):

  • First release for Limesurvey 3.x

2017-06-14 (Tested Limesurvey version 2.65.2+170606):

  • Fixed typo at template.css causing CSS validation errors

2017-05-11 (Tested Limesurvey version 2.64.7+170404):

  • Added new Limesurvey logo as favicon
  • Moved “Your Logo” placeholder to template’s “files” folder, adjusted paths

2016-12-09 (Tested Limesurvey version: 2.57+161202):

  • Template rewritten to support Limesurvey v2.5x


  • CSS adjustments for Limesurvey 2.06
  • Styles for text questions harmonized
  • Improved slider styles


  • Improved “Array Dual Scale” question design