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A modern Limesurvey theme with lots of theme options for customizing the template yourself.

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Our new Backy Limesurvey template comes with a modern design and many theme options. It is the perfect fit if you want to further customize

the basic design and want to adjust it according to your needs. You can easily add a background image and switch the transparency of the main question container on or off (have a look at our demo survey). A custom footer text can be defined at the Footer text/copyright theme option.

In addition to that there is a whole bunch of Limesurvey theme options available allowing you to:

  • select the question text background color
  • select the question text color
  • select different colors for rows at array questions
  • select an array row hover color

If there are certain questions you want to highlight, then we have a solution for you as well. Limesurvey 3 allows adding custom CSS classes to single questions (check edit question -> display settings -> CSS class). By assigning CSS class “differentcolor” to such questions you can make use of the additional theme options Alternative question text background color and Alternative question text color for defining different colors for these elements.

Furthermore, this Limesurvey template supports several theme options for adding custom logo or favicon files. You can upload and enable custom images for:

  • Logo left
  • Logo middle
  • Logo right
  • Background image
  • Survey list
  • Favicon

Of course, this Limesurvey theme is fully responsive and was tested with the latest version of all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).

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Recent updates

2019-05-07 (Tested Limesurvey version Version 3.17.3):

  • First, initial release