We offer professional Limesurvey hosting services since 2012. Our servers are located at a high security data center within the EU (GDPR compliant). So if you don’t want to deal with setting up Limesurvey yourself but want to use your own Limesurvey system on a fast and reliable server, then we can set everything up for you according to your wishes.

Hosting basics

Our Limesurvey hosting has no limitations regarding:

  • available question types
  • number of surveys hosted
  • number of survey admins
  • number of survey participants

For just 25€/month you will get your own Limesurvey system within 24-48 hours. It comes with its own database and no ressource limitations. Just contact us and let us know the details of your requirements.
No subscriptions! You can cancel the service any time.

Additional features

Not only do we allow uploading plugins but also direct FTP access of your system. Of course, using the Limesurvey API is supported as well as the OfflineSurveys app for using Limesurvey offline.

For accessing your surveys you can either select any subdomain of (no additional costs) or we can register a new domain like Alternatively, you can also set up a new subdomain like at your domain and forward requests to our servers to access your new Limesurvey system under that domain.

Additionally, we offer the following optional Limesurvey hosting services for just +9€/month:

  • Register a domain name of your choice
  • Set up automatic, daily Limesurvey database backups 
  • Enable access via FTP 
  • Provide a new email address for your surveys and configuring SMTP email details

Limesurvey support

If you need further support with your Limesurvey projects, this is what we can do for you:

The latest terms and conditions of our hosting are available at “Hosting Terms & Conditions“.