For our customers we offer professional Limesurvey hosting services at a high security data center in Germany. So if you don’t want to deal with Limesurvey setup but want to use your own Limesurvey system on a fast and reliable server – maybe using a certain domain name – we can set everything up for you according to your wishes.

We charge a one-time setup/update fee of $69 / 49€ and a monthly fee of $25 / 19€ for our Limesurvey hosting. The current month is free for testing and you can cancel your hosting any time by simply sending an email.

There are no limitations regarding

  • available question types
  • available export formats
  • number of surveys hosted
  • number of survey participants

You will get your own Limesurvey system within 24-48 hours with its own database and no resource limitations (well, please drop us a note before inviting some ten thousand users to a survey.).

For accessing your surveys you can either select any subdomain of (no additional costs) or we can register a new domain like

We also offer additional, optional Limesurvey hosting services:

  • Registering a domain name of your choice (costs: $12 / 9€ per month)
  • Setting up automatic, daily Limesurvey database backups (costs: $12 / 9€ per month)
  • Secure httpS connections using SSL encryption (9€ / month)
  • Enabling access via FTP (costs: $12 / 9€ per month)
  • designing a custom template which matches your corporate design
  • creating your survey in Limesurvey and making it available to the public

Just contact us and let us know the details of your requirements.

The latest terms and conditions of our hosting are available at “Hosting Terms & Conditions“.