Should you use your own Limesurvey installation or prefer a hosted solution? The decision whether to install Limesurvey on your own servers or whether to use a Limesurvey hosting service is a tricky one. We have installed and configured Limesurvey for more than 100 different customers. We also offer Limesurvey hosting to dozens of customers. So we can help with both options depending on your preferences.

The good news is that technically you can switch between both options any time. The bad news is that it gets complex if there are running surveys. So better make the decision with care. For this, the following comparison should be helpful.

Limesurvey hosting

The easiest approach to start with Limesurvey is using a hosted solution. We can provide your own Limesurvey system within 24-48 hours. Our Limesurvey hosting comes with no limitations. Our Limesurvey-optimized Servers are located at a high security data center within the European Union (GDPR compliant).

These are the basic details you should consider when going for a hosted solution:

  • Costs: For a Limesurvey system with basic features there is only a small monthly fee of 25 Euros/month. Other features like using your own domain or providing a new email address for your survey projects have to be paid on top.
  • Limesurvey updates and maintenance: If there are serious security issues, we patch your system silently at the background as soon as possible.
    For regular updates within the same branch, we can agree on a certain update schedule (like once a month or quarter).
    Updating an older version to a new branch can be done on request for a small fee.
  • Server updates and maintenance: That is our job, don’t worry about it.
  • Data access: Data gets stored on our servers. For every Limesurvey system we are hosting, we create a single database, so all data is kept separated. No one else is able to access it but it may not be the perfect solution for highly confidential survey projects.
  • Performance: Our server configuration is optimized for large surveys. Collecting thousands of responses is no big deal as well.
    Even if you want to invite some ten thousand participants, we can reduce the peak load by using cronjob scripts which send out invitations in several batches over several hours. That also reduces the likelihood if emails being treated as spam.
  • Possible limitations: None – we can make nearly everything possible for our customers.
  • Support: Of course, we take care of every technical issue. If you need further Limesurvey support for your survey projects just contact us.

Limesurvey installation

Installing and configuring Limesurvey on your own servers is the preferred approach if you want to fully control all survey data. It comes with some drawbacks though which we outline below.

  • Costs: Good news – you can download Limesurvey for free. Furthermore, there are no on-going license costs. We only charge a small fee if you need some help installing and configuring Limesurvey.
  • Limesurvey updates and maintenance: You either have to take care of updating your Limesurvey system from time to time. Or you can book our regular update service. Then you don’t need to worry and we will take care of everything – just contact us.
  • Server updates and maintenance: That is your job. Unfortunately, we can not help with this since we do not offer system maintenance. So if you worry about getting hacked or lack the required IT ressources, better go for external Limesurvey hosting.
  • Data access: You are the master of all data since everything gets stored on your systems. No other survey tool offers this.
  • Performance: This could become an issue. Especially if other tools like your website are running on the same machine, you can face performance issues. Thus, we recommend setting up Limesurvey on a single virtual machine if you are planning to create complex surveys and expect thousands of participants.
  • Possible limitations: To some extend you may depend on your IT team e.g. to install plugins or themes and take care of updates.
  • Support: Your own IT is responsible for helpting with any technical issues. For assisstance with any Limesurvey related issues you can contact us any time.