Limesurvey offers the ability to fully customize a template so it matches your corporate design. The nested template file structure isn’t easy to handle, though, and you need extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS to create a working template that is cross-browser compatible. But don’t worry, we can do all that for you…

Customized Limesurvey Templates

In recent years, we have developed lots of professional templates for different customers. Since the shipped Limesurvey templates lack a modern look and feel and are quite outdated, we recommend users doing professional surveys use a customized Limesurvey template which matches their corporate design. It is also important to carefully test such a template in all major browsers because templates using invalid HTML might even cause a survey to crash.

Based on your requirements, we can create a professional, customized Limesurvey template that runs smoothly on all browsers and that can be optimized for mobile devices such as the iPhone or other smartphones or uses a predefined screen resolution to be used on tablets like the iPad or inside an iFrame of a certain size.

Drop us a note at if you are interested in a quote for your own, fully customized template.

Limesurvey Template Shop

Some generic Limesurvey templates are available at our Limesurvey Template Shop. All these templates use a modern DIV/CSS based design which can easily be customized later on. They are tested on all major browsers with a complex test survey which contains all question types and advanced question settings.

Below you can see some of the shop’s best sellers. Click an image to get to a larger preview version which you can click to go directly to the product page at our Limesurvey Template Shop. There, you will find more screenshots and a link to a demo survey for each Limesurvey template.