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Survey design tips & tricks – Part 2

After we had published our “Survey design tips & tricks” recommendations we received a lot of feedback asking if we can continue the list and give some more examples of what one needs to take care of when creating a Limesurvey survey. So we got some coffee and had a team meeting discussing further issues [...] read more

Survey design tips & tricks

Designing your own survey is pretty easy when using Limesurvey. Unfortunately, creating a really bad survey is also pretty easy. That’s why we have set up a list of survey design tips & tricks. Based on our experience with more then 100 survey projects per year the following recommendations hopefully help you designing better surveys. [...] read more

How to re-order the “other” option at a Limesurvey survey

[Tested with Limesurvey v2.06LTS] Several Limesurvey question types allow adding an option to enter a free text answer. This option can be enabled when editing a question (“Option ‘other’ -> Yes”). By default Limesurvey always places that option at the very end of the list of answers and there is no feature to change the [...] read more

Adding “I agree” button at the beginning of your Limesurvey survey

Sometimes you need participants to agree to certain terms and conditions before starting to take a survey. There is no build-in feature for this at Limesurvey, but we can easily work around this with some lines of JavaScript. Here we go… ContentsTurn of XSS filter at LimesurveyAdding your terms and conditionsAdding the “I agree” / [...] read more

How to validate email addresses at Limesurvey

Update (12/2018): Since these days domain names can not only hold special characters like “√ľ” but also use more than 3 characters as domain name like .tech or .company, we have updated our email regex to only check if “@” and “.” exists within the entered email address. At many surveys you want to ask [...] read more

Limesurvey – Conditions based on token attributes

Sometimes you want to show certain questions of a survey to a specific user group only. With Limesurvey this is no problem. If your survey is set to be non-anonymous and uses tokens, you can use user defined attributes for conditions. Here we describe the necessary steps. Contents1. Adding additional attributesAdd some dummy tokens with user [...] read more

How to randomly show 1 of X questions at a Limesurvey survey

Limesurvey offers various randomization features. One common randomization use case is showing different versions of a question at a Limesurvey survey. To do so, you need to randomly show one of the X question versions to the user so the first step would be to generate a random number between 1-X. For this we can use [...] read more