Limesurvey – Conditions based on token attributes

Sometimes you want to show certain questions of a survey to a specific user group only. With Limesurvey this is no problem. If your survey is set to be non-anonymous and uses tokens, you can use user defined attributes for conditions. Here we describe the necessary steps.

1. Adding additional attributes

Set the survey to be non-anonymous:
Limesurvey survey settings

Enable tokens:
Enable tokens at Limesurvey

Add a certain number of user defined attribute fields:
Add token attributes at Limesurvey

Assign attribute names after having created the new fields:
Label additional attributes

Add some dummy tokens with user defined values

Add dummy tokens

Set conditions for a certain question

Go to the question and call the condition designer:
Limesurvey condition editor

Select the token field on which the condition should be based on (e. g. “Department”) and define the constant which the condition should match (e. g. “Management”):
Condition based on token attribute

Check condition

You can use the group preview for a first check if the condition was stored successfully,
Limesurvey group preview

because in this case the question will not be shown at the group preview (because the conditions isn’t met). The arrow indicates where the question was previously shown before setting the condition:

Test survey at runtime

Once tokens were assigned when adding users or by using the “Generate tokens” feature, the “Display tokens” screen contains an icon to test each token entry:
Limesurvey token overview

Of the above users, only “Jane” belongs to the department “Management”. Let’s check the different survey behavior to check if the condition works as expected:

Survbey at runtime Survey at runtime

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