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A Limesurvey plugin which allows splitting up data by options of any single choice question, e.g. by country, state, city, gender, age, department, …

The Split Data LimeSurvey plugin supports showing a response summary split up into different sections. Imagine running an employee satisfaction survey at which you are asking for department details. Based on that question the split data LimeSurvey plugin will show a list of available departments you can pick from. After selecting e.g. “Sales”, the Split Data plugin then generates a summary listing all the responses of the Sales employees on a single page. You can be print the summary and also export uploaded files.
Another example is asking for country or state or location details. You can even use the plugin to split up data based on gender or income or age range details. You can use any single choice question.

At LimeSurvey all you need to do is defining the question which should be used. The Split Data LimeSurvey plugin will then generate a summary of answer options and show completed/incompleted/total number of data sets. For each option with data available the tool shows a link to the summary. Clicking that link leads to an overview page listing all matching data sets. That summary shows question text + answers given of every participant. The overview is separated by question groups and shows each response as a single block. The design is similar to LimeSurvey’s Print answers feature. 

You can enable this plugin globally at the plugin settings. Every Limesurvey user can then use the new feature for any Limesurvey survey.
Check out the screenshots and demo survey for more details.

Question setup

  1. Firstly, go to the Simple plugins menu item of your survey. You can find it on the left, it is the last item of the Settings menu.
  2. Secondly, enter the question code of the single choice question which should be used to plit up data.
  3. Note that the plugin only works for activated surveys.
  4. Thirdly, go to the Responses section of your survey. Top right there should be a new button to call the Split Data LimeSurvey plugin

Plugin installation

  • Firstly, download the plugin as ZIP file after payment. 
  • Limesurvey 3.x: Unzip all files. Then copy the “SplitData” folder to the Limesurvey “plugins” directory.
  • Limesurvey 5.x: Just upload the ZIP file at the plugin manager to install the plugin.
  • Activate the plugin at the Limesurvey plugin manager.

More information

Product Features

Limesurvey version

v3.x only

Recent updates

2020-10-31 – Tested with Limesurvey 3.24:

  • First, initial release