Limesurvey Template iPhone Tuned
Limesurvey Template iPhone TunedLimesurvey Template iPhone TunedLimesurvey Template iPhone TunedLimesurvey Template iPhone TunedLimesurvey Template iPhone Tuned

Limesurvey Template iPhone Tuned

iPhone/Smartphone optimized template with large buttons


Includes 19% VAT


Product Description

This is an improved version of the very first mobile-optimized template we created back in 2011. For a better usability larger images for radio buttons and checkbox are used.

These optimizations make “iPhone Tuned” the perfect template for any mobile device such as iPhone or Android phones. Even on larger devices such as the Galaxy or Nexus tablets, iPad and iPad mini or other tablets the template should display very well.
Its professional look and decent colors in combination with a smartphone optimized layout lead to a perfect solution if you want to use Limesurvey on mobile devices.

  • Question elements are left aligned, buttons are centered, radio buttons and check boxes are replaced by larger image
  • Logo placeholder to easily add your (clients) logo. Logo can be placed left, centered, right or use the complete header width
  • Tested with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

Additional Information


black, grey, white

Limesurvey version

v2.05/2.06/2.6.x (LTS), v2.00

Recent updates:


  • CSS adjustments for Limesurvey 2.06
  • Fixed alignment issues for RTL layout
  • Styles for text questions harmonized
  • Improved slider styles


  • Improved “Array Dual Scale” question design
  • Fixed weird auto-scrolling behavior when clicking answer label


  • Adjustments for Limesurvey 2.05


  • Nicer button styles added
  • Adjusted ranking question type for mobile devices
  • Improved styles for print answers and statistic pages


  • Added support for Limesurvey 2
  • Added dynamic template path detection so you can now rename the template.
  • Special styles for new ranking question design added.


  • Added support for exclusive option.
  • Fixed minor issue when “no answer” is used at dual scale questions.
  • Added support for using multiple columns at multiple choice questions.