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An improved version of the old Limesurvey “default” template. Fully responsive when using the latest Limesurvey version.

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Based on the shipped Limesurvey template “Default” (which was replaced in 2016 starting with the new v2.5x version) this template was completely reworked. The former table based layout was replaced by a more modern DIV based layout which can easily be adjusted.
We also removed styles responsible for styling odd pages in a different color because this doesn’t look nice and the color changes just confused users.
  • Fully responsive (Limesurvey v2.5x or later)
  • Question elements are centered within the main DIV and question/answer texts are left aligned
  • Logo placeholder to easily add your (clients) logo on the left, centered or at the right
  • Tested with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)

Product Features

Limesurvey version

v2.50 to v2.73.1, v2.05/2.06/2.6 LTS, v2.00


blue, grey, white

Recent updates

2017-06-14 (Tested Limesurvey version 2.65.2+170606):

  • Fixed typo at template.css causing CSS validation errors

2017-05-08 (Tested Limesurvey version 2.64.7+170404):

  • Added new Limesurvey logo as favicon
  • Moved “Your Logo” placeholder to template’s “files” folder, adjusted paths

2016-12-04 (Tested Limesurvey version: 2.57+161202):

  • Template rewritten to support Limesurvey v2.5x
  • Template now fully responsive using Limesurvey v2.5x

Previous improvements


  • CSS adjustments for Limesurvey 2.06
  • Styles for text questions harmonized
  • Improved slider styles


  • Improved “Array Dual Scale” question design